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About Who We Are

FInancial Strategy for Business Success

We make a huge difference to business owners who are sick of not having enough cash flows and who want a great financial strategy to pivot or grow their business.

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Our Vision & Giving Philosophy

We believe in philanthropy. 

It is not just about how you spend your money or resources but how you spend your time, energy, and knowledge.

We believe that there are great businesses out there doing great things for our world. They have fantastic products and services that are improving our environment or the quality of lives of others. There are great businesses that have a core value of giving in service to others.


There are great businesses that are actively trying to solve our world’s biggest problems – zero poverty, sustainability, climate change, quality education, healthy for all…


But when you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and the financial stress starts to build…

…those dreams start to fade…


This is why we exist.

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Conversation Between Colleagues

The History of Grow CFO 

For over 25 years, Jeremy was a partner in an accounting practice delivering business services and tax and accounting solutions to local businesses. During that time, Jeremy and his wife Deborah recognised there were a few key clients that needed virtual chief financial officers on call to help them negotiate scaling their business. So, the team started to deliver these solutions. During this time we recognised the team we required was substantially different to that of a typical accounting practice and, the constraints of having a tax practice meant that we couldn't serve our CFO customers as well as we would like.

This led to us setting up Grow CFO as part of our consulting business Decisions Plus Pty Ltd. This enabled us to manage a strategic sale of the accounting practice and really drive the education and services which make up such a part of our business today.

We needed this fresh approach ad, like most tax accounting businesses, the income comes from doing all the doing. What we wanted to do was something completely unique - let the customer be the hero and educate them how to manage their own business while supporting them with services.

This side hustle became our main event just 9 short quarters ago and we have experienced quarter on quarter growth in that time enabling us to continue the giving impacts we started making in our accounting firm and carrying that through to being an impact centric business inspiring other businesses around the world to achieve the greatness that is part of their vision.

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The Expert Team

Behind the Excellent Minds

About: Team Members
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Deborah Harris

Director and Financial Strategist


Jeremy Harris

Lead CFO

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