Jeremy Harris - Lead CFO

Virtual CFO

Positioning for Growth

"The biggest challenge that companies have is that they often don’t have the foundations set  to determine whether they are heading in the right direction.

This is especially true for fast start-ups, high growth or established companies starting new projects."

Jeremy Harris, Virtual CFO


Virtual Chief Financial Officer


The Challenge for Growing Companies:

Having someone really strong at a CFO level who can help develop the strategy of your business is expensive. If you want to have a CFO at the right level you have to either be a big company already or be super lucky at finding the right person. The alternative is trying to figure it out for yourself and not getting the funding or support.


The Value of a Great CFO:

A great CFO can forecast your future value and put together exactly what an investor wants to see…

With our Virtual CFO solution you get all the same skill sets as a high level in-house CFO.This gives you the reward at a fraction of the price guided by the expertise of our Lead CFO - Jeremy Harris - with over 25 years industry experience.


The Underlying Magic of our Virtual Chief Financial Officer Solution:

Our Virtual CFO doesn’t work for one business full time but instead works for a select group of businesses a couple of days a month fully supported by our team.

This collaborative strategy gives our Virtual CFOs access to far more growth in knowledge and experience by tapping into best practice across high growth companies in a range of industries and countries.

Strategy Development

Reviewing your current financial indicators to determine the starting point for your strategy and establishing the criteria for a financial map that meets your future vision and the pathway to get there.

Business Partners at Work

Regular Communication

Quarterly board meetings where your CFO reports to your Advisory Board and monthly meetings with your Virtual CFO on strategic issues.

Educating Team

Regular meetings between your in-house team and the CFO Support Team to enable smoother implementation with a focus on educating your team and assisting them to develop the promotions, projects and key performance indicators that will keep you on your pathway to success.

Data on a Touch Pad

Systems & Tools

Providing access to tools and systems to assist and support the team and dashboards to monitor progress.


Entrepreneur Resorts

Virtual CFO - Featured Case Study

Entrepreneur Resorts listed within a year and has already grown in value from US$12m to US$15m and is on track to realise a value of US$20m this year.

Ent Res.jpg

“This is all value that comes from being able to predict the future and then following that pathway into the future.”

Roger James Hamilton
CEO Entrepreneur Resorts

roger & er.jpg

Virtual CFO