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Cash Flow Friday

What do you need to know about your business cash flow?

We know not all businesses are big. In fact, some have just one or a few people with a shared vision and a desire for success.

We also know that sometimes you need to tap into some expert help without it costing a fortune. 

That is why we created Cash Flow Friday - a subscription-based opportunity for you to ask some key questions around your cash flow. 

Each week we'll take questions from our subscribers and answer them in a 1-hour session. These will be interactive and if we don't get to your question live, we will answer through a short video during the following week. 

All of the content will be available to the subscriber community to craft a constantly evolving manual of tips, ideas and helpful hints as a library for ongoing users. To help you get in flow and grow


How can Cash Flow Friday help me?

Got questions about cash flow and need some clarity? Want a resource at your fingertips? That is how we can help. Our strategists and Chief Financial Officers  will be available for a set session every Friday answering questions about cash flow. 

Jot down your list and we will pick some live to answer. We will also endeavour to answer the others over the course of the following week. All resources are then made available in a members-only portal.

How do I know that The Grow CFO Co. will deliver results?

We promise to grow not just your knowledge but help you work out what to implement first. Our team are experts in this field.

What proof do I have that this will work?

Our Strategists and Chief Financial Officer will step you through similar measures we put into place for our larger clients including Entrepreneur Resorts, Clearlight Saunas and The Webinar Vet.


How much does the Cash Flow Friday cost?

Cash Flow Friday is free until 31 March

And now for the magic gold dust...

At The Grow CFO Co., we stand behind our results. We know that when a business is struggling with poor cash flow, the very first thing to do is make sure no further harm will come from advisors. So, we have a simple philosophy... if we don't improve your position by at least 10 x the investment you made, you don't pay... simple as that. 

Now of course we just offered this program to you for free until the end of March. So just know that if you do start any of our paid programs we will stand by this guarantee.


Cash Flow Friday


and to create even more impact...

For each person to sign up for Cash Flow Friday we will prevent child blindness by distributing a daily dose of vitamin A supplements to a child in Turkana, Kenya.

In the early stages of development, it is important that a child receives the correct nutrition. Access to a proper diet is extremely limited in Turkana as people are nomadic pastoralist. Help a child living in poverty become more confident and courageous by providing him or her a new chance at life through improved nutrition.

Give a precious gift of sight to a child in need while you get your problems solved.


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