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Knowledge is Power

Imagine starting the New Year off with a really clear Strategic Spending Plan...
where you know exactly what cash flow you would create and know that it covered your expenses.


How can a Strategic Spending Plan help me?

If you are struggling not knowing how much and whether to spend on expenses and whether you can really afford something, a strategic spending plan is perfect for you.

Unlike an old-fashioned budget which focuses on restricting spending and targeting growth as a percentage, a strategic spending plan enables you to work out for the coming year what your key promotions will be, how much they will earn in revenue, what the break-even point of those sales will be and when and what your expenses should be to always maintain profitability and good cash flow.

How do I know that The Grow CFO Co. will deliver results?

We promise to grow not just your knowledge but help you work out what to implement first. Our team are experts in this field.

What proof do I have that this will work?

Our Strategists and Chief Financial Officer will step you through similar measures we put into place for our larger clients including Entrepreneur Resorts, Clearlight Saunas and The Webinar Vet.


Strategic Spending Plan


So what is the Strategic Spending Plan?

We start with your financial vision - what do you want your company revenues to be in 3 - 5 years.

We also factor in how much you want to be taking home in three key areas: as an employee of the business; as an owner (investor) of the business; and as a manager of the business. We will also help you work out what this looks like in time spent.

Next, we work out exactly where you are now and the key numbers that are dictating your current business revenue, profitability and cash flow.

We work out what these percentages need to be to deliver on your vision and step out your main drivers for the 3 or 5 years plan.

Then we craft a careful plan with your team to make sure that the revenue is being generated prior to expenses being paid. 

All of this is made available through our online dashboard so you can even hook up your accounting software and track it in real time.


How much does the Strategic Spending Plan cost?

The strategy session is just $3000 USD (+GST if applicable) for the whole program.

PLUS we will support you throughout the year with regular calls to check on your progress.

And now for the magic gold dust...

At The Grow CFO Co., we stand behind our results. We know that when a business is struggling with poor cash flow, the very first thing to do is make sure no further harm will come from advisors. So, we have a simple philosophy... if we don't improve your position by at least 10 x the investment you made, you don't pay... simple as that.


Strategic Spending Plan


and to create even more impact...

For every Strategic Spending Plan sold during Legacy week, we will provide 63000 days of access to an e-learning facility for children.

We are helping create the best learning environment for a child in rural India by introducing to him or her the latest technology for effective learning. To meet the demands of today's global economy, it is crucial that children receive quality education and development that equips them with 21st century skills.

This B1G1 Project supports children in rural India from the harsh realities of poverty by handing over to them the most important tool of their lives - quality education and has been brought about by the hard work of The Bombay Mothers and Childrens Society.


Strategic Spending Plan


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