What if you could have your cake and eat it too?

Slice of Cake

Does your business model show
your vision for growth,
your return on investment as an owner,
your profit,
your philanthropy?


This is our model - sweet isn't it?


It can also look like this...

That's because when we do a business model review, we like to make it inspiring and easy to follow as well as practical.


Business Model Strategy Review

Take our easy survey, book a one-to-one session and have your business model reviewed. We'll even create an easy to follow revenue model...


How can a business model review help me?

We check that you are

  • retaining some of your profits to grow your company,

  • that you are paying yourself first as an investor and

  • that you have structured your marketing, sales and delivery to attract great team members.

  • We also make sure you have set aside time and money to manage your business both now and into the future.

How do I know that The Grow CFO Co. will deliver results?

We promise to grow not just your knowledge but help you work out what to implement first. Our team are experts in this field.

What proof do I have that this will work?

Our Strategists and Chief Financial Officer will step you through similar measures we put into place for our larger clients including Entrepreneur Resorts, Clearlight Saunas and The Webinar Vet.


Business Model Review


So what is the Business Model Review?

We send you out a survey of your business and collect some of your financial metrics.

Then we schedule a 2-hour session with our strategist where you look at each layer of your business and make sure it is meeting your requirements and your vision. 

At the end, you'll receive a complete report including a model that fits your business so that you can describe your ideal scenario to all of your team members in a way that is easily understood.

How much does the Business Model Review cost?

The masterclass is just $300 USD (+GST if applicable) for the whole program.

And now for the magic gold dust...

At The Grow CFO Co., we stand behind our results. We know that when a business is struggling with poor cash flow, the very first thing to do is make sure no further harm will come from advisors. So, we have a simple philosophy... if we don't improve your position by at least 10 x the investment you made, you don't pay... simple as that.


Business Model Review


and for 2100 even sweeter outcomes...

One of the biggest barriers to Cambodian girls attending school is their immediate need for food. When a family is hungry, the search for food becomes their main priority and children spend their days either working or searching the forest for food. Make an impact by supplying seeds so a family can grow their own vegetable gardens. We will supply 2100 families with enough food for their home, and sometimes extra to sell at local markets for profit. This project is made possible through the collaboration of Free to Shine and B1G1 Business For Good.


Business Model Review


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