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This page was created to provide the B1G1 community with the resources created for the 2019 B1G1X Southern conference.  I wanted to provide easy access to the slides and sections of the slides as well as link you to some additional resources. Please feel free to also send these resources to your connections. You will find these resources in the green section below.

There is also a link to a recent talk from the founder of AgUnity. You will find this resource in the navy section below. If you would like more information about AgUnity or any other information shared during this session, please complete the Connection form on this page in the cream section.

Finally, you can also book a quick chat with me to connect about your business model. We have also provided a link to our Cash Flow Strategy Session special offer where you can choose $200 worth of impacts to make. You will find these in the orange section.


Playing a Bigger Game

Full conference slides and commentary available from a Google Drive


Wonder 1 - What is Philanthropy?

Slides for first section including commentary


Wonder 2 - What is the Bigger Game?

Slides for second section including commentary


Wonder 3 - How to create a Philanthropic Business Model?

Slides for third section including commentary



Link to talk about AgUnity.

If you wish to connect further with the team from AgUnity, please complete the connection form below and we will organise an introduction.

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Connection Form

Connect with us to find out more about our services, to discover more about AgUnity or for any other reason

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Book a free session

Want to find out if there is some way for us to collaborate? Want to find out if we can help you to grow your business? Want some ideas for your business model?

We are offering a free 90-minute discovery call with Deborah to discuss opportunities and ideas. This is absolutely obligation-free and there will be no sales conversation at the end unless you ask me for one.


Special Offer

Cash Flow Strategy Session

Our cash flow strategy session is our introductory session where we explore whether we are a good fit and whether we can help your business grow. If we can't, we don't charge. 

Our CFO takes your numbers through their paces, we give you an insight into the 7 levers of cash flow and the ones having the most impact on your business. We help you craft a strategy to improve your business cash flow.

For members of our B1G1 community and their connections, we are offering this at $1400 AUD ($1000 USD) and you will get to choose up to $200 worth of impacts you would like to make. To find out more about this offer, connect with Deborah.


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