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Investing your team in your financial strategy


We have designed the platinum program  to provide your business with a financial strategy that you and your team can put into place over the next 12 months to achieve your cash flow objectives and profit goals.

The platinum program is ideal for businesses with a turnover in excess of $200,000 who have team and are trying to lift the overall performance of the business and the team. To participate in the platinum program you need to be able to provide financial statements to our specialists for analysis... ideally 3 years worth.

We even help your team refine their rhythm of meetings so that they can learn how to implement and manage the projects and promotions that will keep your business growing throughout the year. We do this through five simple steps:


The 5 parts of the platinum program


Cash Flow Report

Telling the story of your cash flow right now

Our team takes your numbers through our analysis and scenario tools. As CFO level advisors, they can identify challenges with your numbers and bring this together into a report for your management team.

Cash Flow Strategy Session

Working out the next best steps to improved cash flow

We take your management team through a 2 hour strategy session where we step you through the seven levers of cash flow and the implications each lever is having on your business.  At the end of the 2 hours you will be super clear on the levers that deserve your attention to make the quickest results possible... and you'll have the numbers to set for your key performance measures.

Rapid Flow Workshop

Collaborating with your team

We bring your team together in a day long workshop designed to pull out the very best ideas for each of the cash flow levers. Don't worry, we make sure the team has fun doing this - and that they are invested in the outcomes. Can't bring everyone together for a day? Don't worry... we have flexible arrangements that can facilitate all or part of the program being delivered online and to virtual team.

Promotion and Project Planning

Creating the implementation plans

An idea is only ever as good as its implementation. That is why we take the best ideas your team deliver and roll them out into a series of plans for you to follow throughout the next year. Each plan will have a value and the detailed steps and timeline required to put that plan into action.

Accountability Program

Refining the rhythm

To make sure that your new plans have the very best opportunity for success we take your team through the first quarter in a series of weekly accountability meetings showing them how to keep the project on track and measuring their progress. We can help highlight any challenges they may be having early on and teach them the methodology of being accountable for the strategic financial success of the business.

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