Our Vision & Giving Philosophy

We believe in philanthropy. We believe philanthropy is not just about how you spend your money or resources but how you spend your time and energy and knowledge.

That is why we have created this series of programs.

We believe that there are great businesses out there doing great things for our world. They have fantastic products and services that are improving our environment or the quality of lives of others.

There are great businesses who have a core value of giving in service to others.

There are great businesses who are actively trying to solve our world's biggest problems - zero poverty, sustainability, climate change, quality education, health for all...

But when you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and the financial stress starts to build...

...those dreams start to fade...

That is why we exist.

We want your business to be out there changing our world and we want you to know we are right here if you need us - ready and willing to help and believing in your big vision right alongside you.

With our greatest regards,

Deborah & Jeremy Harris



Explore Our giving world


How do we choose our giving to impact our world?

Our belief is that every service, every product we deliver should have a wider impact on the world.

We commit to giving projects through our partnership with the global giving platform B1G1.

Below we have linked some of our favourite projects to our programs and services.

When one of our customers though has a specific project that is near and dear to their heart, we make sure a little bit of love goes their way too.  Find out more about B1G1 and the giving platform.

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