Cash Flow Toolkit

Cash Flow Toolkit

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What's inside:


Money Mindset

Shift your stories and beliefs around money to make better decisions about how you make, spend and manage your money.


Money Maps

Simple and useful checklists and planners to set your goals and get the (money) house in order. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.


Personal Cash Growth

Workout your ideal lifestyle number and set up your personal cash habits.

There's no point pouring in more if there are blocks or holes in the plumbing system.


Business Cash Growth

Learn the top 9 numbers to know in your business. Calculate your break-even figure,

and map out your 13-week cashflow plan


We created the cash growth toolkit to:

-Help you make better decisions.

-Show you how to understand numbers that tell what to do in the future - not just what happened in the past.

-Be useful for entrepreneurs, not accountants.

-Stop flying blind and lead your business to experience sustainable cash growth.