GROW and Emerald Elite Services

GROW and Emerald Elite Services


Designed to educate the whole business team on cash flow management and growth using customised report dashboards.Establish monthly and quarterly management and board rhythms with weekly accountability on the financial strategy.


Per Month $2715

Annual $30305 (Save $2275)


  • Learn how to plan capacity and provision for it

  • Drive profitability and growth

  • Develop Financial Report Literacy

  • Get visibility over your performance metrics

  • Determine your product break even points

  • 12 modules over 12 months


  • Access to FLOW cash flow modules



  • Customised dashboards measuring your KPIs

  • Establishing cost centres and product break even points

  • Quarterly templates to plan and drive results

  • Accountability and coaching on your quarterly plans

  • Done for you cash flow management

  • Weekly reconciliation and review sessions with CFO team

  • Finance admin assistant for cash flow management support

  • Includes subscriptions to manage your cashflow, receipts & dashboard

  • Linked directly to your Xero account

  • Monthly CFO Support to interpret results and set strategy

  • Monthly report on Key Indicators and business health

  • Profit Flow Strategy Session each quarter


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