Strategic Spending Plan


What is our Strategic Spending Planning Process?


Need help establishing your 3 - 5 year strategic plan including the Key Performance Indicators financiers and investors will want to see?


One of the biggest challenges of rapidly growing businesses is the ability to keep up with the need to have more long range forecasting.


We bring together a strategic plan designed to link daily organisational decisions with a vision of where the organisation wants to be in 3 to 5 years including a quarter by quarter break down of the financial metrics for each stage.


Set your high level KPIs for each quarter including mapping the technology, talent and revenue required to meet your objectives.


Our strategists collate your future vision and objectives and create step by step financial and growth targets to meet these objectives including mapping out resource and talent requirements and the business structure and budget model.


Each quarter you will have clear revenue, growth and margin targets. These key metrics can then be presented as part of pitch decks to potential investors.


Throughout the session we will discuss with your management team the opportunities that exist to move into new markets and reduce competitive risks so you and your team can pull together the research necessary to implement the growth through your promotion and project plans.


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