Maximise sustainable cash flow

For solo heroes and small teams

Fifty Dollars

Most really small businesses...

Experience the highs and lows of unpredictable cash flow. This unpredictability leads to some real challenges - how can you confidently employ team? or take up marketing services? or increase your capacity? 

It's hard to make the leap to spending more when it will directly impact your business and your family if you get it wrong.

We understand completely. We've been there!

That is why we have developed this 3 step process to give you the confidence to grow your business.

  1. Know your numbers

  2. Find out why they matter

  3. Support with implementing change

Standing Meeting

Our Solutions

Helping you to improve your cash flow to grow your business

At Grow CFO we have a mission not just to provide financial services, but to educate business owners so they know what they need to look at, know when something is wrong, and know what they can do to fix it.

This Education is core to our services...

Once you know WHAT you need to know and WHY, we can help you with the HOW.


FLOW Education Program

Designed to train small business owners to generate and manage great cash flow

Per Month $204

Annual $2187 (Save $261)


  • Create healthy and sustainable business cash flow

  • Learn to drive your revenue

  • Optimise cost control without sacrificing income

  • Create budget and profitable business model

  • 12 modules in 12 months

  • Join our community to learn how to handle tricky transactions

Need bookkeeping support?

We have great partners who can provide a full range of bookkeeping services and accounting support. If you need assistance with this, we can arrange a quote.

Please click on below if you please and we will connect with you soon.


Helping You Become Great

We also know you care about the impact you make. So, every time we train you, we train someone else too...

We help a woman in Malawi lift her family out of poverty by providing her with business training to help her with her small business too.

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