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Our Impact

Committed to a Better World for All

We help small and medium impact-centric business owners with their cash flow, their profitability, and their business value.


We do this because we know that they need to confidently scale their business so they can have the lifestyle and impact they want.

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There are over 125 million small and medium sized businesses on the face of the earth right now


An estimated 70% of these will go out of business over the next 3 to 5 years and one of the top 5 reasons is poor cash flow. Over half these employ other families too. That's over 1.4 billion people with an impact on their livelihoods.


Together with other members of our giving community, B1G1, we have made over 291 Million impacts to impact the world for better... one impact at a time and one great way to make a massive change in the world

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This is why we exist

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Across the world at the moment, there is something like a hundred and twenty-five million medium, small, and micro businesses, and together they employ the families of almost a quarter of a billion people, so we know it's really important that they actually  have the knowledge and understanding of how to grow their business so they can support their family and the families in their community- so this is why we exist, to make sure that those business owners have the very best support, and together we make a great impact for the future of the world.

We also make specific impacts because we're so passionate about education, and we do this throughout giving initiatives.

Our Initiaves

With our partnerships, we've helped raise those Legacy Makers across the last 12 years of our business life.

Our total B1G1 giving impacts to date

Deborah - Education
Jeremy - family
Empowering the world
Maricar - environment
Nes - sustainable business
Leah - supporting women in business
Lea - health
Von - water
Rache - Food and health



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Helped over 200,000 women to start and grow businesses, resulting in around 800,000 children being given the chance of an education and the opportunity of a better future.


B1G1 - Business For Good

Creating a powerful way for small business to make massive impact through worthy causes around the world.

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Deeply committed to influencing the issues that drive poverty in rural and remote communities worldwide, commonly known as the 'Last Mile'.

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